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How can we help you make your business even better?

Whether you have 5 employees or 50 employees, from time to time you need to take a step back from your business and assess those issues that you simply don't have the time or specific expertise to address. Important issues such as business processes; ensuring statutory compliance; 'one off' but important specific projects such as recruitment, restructuring or performance management issues; these are just some of the areas  where SjB Business Consulting can assist.  

Take a few minutes and consider how you would respond to the following in terms of your current business operations.

Reputation: What is the reputation of the business?

Context/Deliverables: What are the criteria (settings) that make your business work?

Strategy: What is the mission or strategy of the business, where will you be in 5 to 10 years?

Design (authority, delegation, empowerment, roles, and structure): How is the business structured?

Organisation Capability: How does the business attract, build, nurture and retain talent and capability?

Analytics: How do you know everyone is engaged and contributing in a cohesive, effective and efficient way?

Efficiency: How effective are the businesses policys and practices?

Compliance: How does the business ensure that it is compliant in terms of ethical behaviour, IR, Fair Work, OHS etc.?

Work Style/Culture: How does the business go about doing its work?

If you were unsure of your response to any of these questions, or you are simply not sure, SjB Business Consulting can help.

How we operate

“SjB Business Consulting partners with Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and family owned businesses that do not have the time or resources to maximise the potential of their business and people. 

We simply work with managers and business owners to improve and optimise the things that are currently done well; or we can assist  you with the day to day but important issues you just don't have time to address such as recruitment, training, performance issues etc.; or work with you to identify and implement mitigations and solutions to current or potential challenges. Our solutions are business focused and practical, based on many years’ experience and knowledge of how a business operates. Our goal is to ensure your processes are efficient and your business is profitable."

Our approach is to review HR/business processes, policies and operations, including strategy, staff engagement/performance etc.and identify strengths, weaknesses, risk or potential areas of failure and then work with local managers and business owners to design and implement mitigations and solutions. We can assist across the full range of HR and business issues as they relate to the successful day to day operation of your business.

What issues can we help you address?

 Our expertise is across all aspects of commercial Human Resources. A sample of the areas where we can assist is below, however we are more than happy to design a unique approach depending on the individual business;


Business Health Check: will work with you to comprehensively review your existing policy and procedure framework and assess your workplace against Fair Work Australia’s legal compliance as well as general Risk and Quality requirements. This approach illustrates areas requiring attention so we can discuss the best solutions and also allows us to develop a thorough understanding of your people and structure and what makes your business unique 

Business strategy: set goals and objectives, planning and review, organisational KPIs and remuneration and reward

Organisation development: engagement, change management and leadership

Resourcing and performance: structure and reporting, preparation of meaningful Job Descriptions, KPIs and measures

Recruitment: preparation of advertisements, screening, short-listing and interviewing 

Succession and manpower planning: succession planning, staff number management, training and development

Compliance & corporate governance: employee relations, compliance with policy and process, Fair work legislation, risk management and Quality legislation

Operational excellence: the review, recommendation and implementation of solutions across your administrative processes, projects, sales and operational function


About Steve Booth

Steve is a pragmatic, Human Resource professional, with over 40 years experience in executive and strategic HR/business roles, who understands the importance of the bottom line and that your people are your most critical resource. 

With a breadth of experience across a range of industries; public and private sector; national and international companies and family owned enterprises, Steve believes strongly in the need for operational excellence to achieve strategic success and business growth

Steve's international and corporate experience enables him to apply his knowledge and perspective to the benefit of Corporates, SMEs and Family owned business.   


Recent achievements include:

· Played a major role in the HR components of the M & A of a £130m London based acquisition for the Yokogawa Group greatly contributing to a smooth integration of this vital business into the parent company. 

· Co-led the entire reorganisation of the East Asia Regional office, based in Singapore, including the working relationship between Sales, Service, Operations and Support functions of the organisation

· Helped lead the team who initiated the reorganisation of the Australian sales team, providing increased accountability and effectiveness across the entire Australian and New Zealand operation.

· Mentored and advised the MD of Australia and the MD of Singapore in key strategic initiatives over the last 9 years.

Steve has a consistent record of leadership and building strong relationships with the business, stakeholders and staff that has maximised HR’s contribution to business objectives and overall commercial success. 

Steve approaches tasks with a strategic 'all of business' orientation and is:

• An influential and inclusive leader
• Commercially astute
• A proven C suite and Board level influencer
• An engaging and clear communicator
• Consultative in his style of client management
• Driven by quality and integrity
• Inquisitive, analytical and decisive 

Steve is now focused on utilising his broad and deep experience to assist businesses achieve their full potential.

  Comments on Steve's Approach

“It has been my pleasure to work with Steve in both Australia and Singapore over a ten year period. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve for any role. He is indeed the consummate professional who will add significant value to any organisation he is involved with.

I will be happy to elaborate on the above to anyone smart enough to consider engaging him.” 

John Hewitt, MD, Yokogawa Asia Pacific


“Steve is the best HR executive I have ever worked with! It's very simple! 

He knows people and he knows business and brings a practical, commercial and down to earth approach to HR that is, frankly, often lacking.

For any business looking for HR advice and support, I have no hesitation in recommending him 100%”

 Philip Pryor, Director, Morphthink



“I have worked with Steve Booth for approximately 10 years. Steve has been a consistently valuable resource over this time. Steves ability to look through the noise and technical clutter and guide you to the core problems and issues is invaluable. Steve is also a great guide and mentor for running through ‘what if’ type solutions as often you are too close and simply do not see that you can be introducing a new problem. Steve has been my consistent go to person when I need objective guidance. I highly recommend Steve and will continue to use him to improve the performance of my business.”

Jason Marsh, Director Technical Services, Yokogawa Australia and New Zealand

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